Draco throwing Harry his wand (x)


So young to be fighting so many




Draco hugging his Durmstrang friends goodbye.

is there honestly anything left that has not been giffed

Don’t judge us.

He’s just a boy.

Happy 21st birthday, Niall James Horan!





The devil has many faces.

Why the fuck is Draco Malfoy’s face on this??? 

because draco, like it or not, was a purist at one point. because draco, like it or not, was a bully. because draco, like it or not, was meant to be an antagonist. your fangirl feelings be damned, jo herself said draco is not meant to be a likable character.

i agree that draco is a stupid gorgeous prat but tbh i would rather have put lucius face on this instead of his. because, if draco had been a “devil”, how do you explain the fact that harry was still alive after being at malfoy manor? if draco had been truly evil, he had told them it was harry, but he didn’t even if he actually knew. he’s rather a scared coward than a devil.

This is so incredibly frustrating. Yes, Draco was a bully and a purist. Yes, he was a coward. Yes, Jo said he is not meant to be a likeable character (Although frankly I don’t really care about that. John Green has a point when he says that books belong to their readers, but that’s a whole other discussion.) And yes, you have every right to hate his guts. 

BUT he is not as onesided as people make him out to be. He is not the devil. Seriously, you can see the difference between him and the other characters in this photoset, right? Even the picture that was chosen. You do realise that when he’s looking into that mirror, he’s crying because he became someone he doesn’t want to be? 

We only know him from Harry’s point of view and while I do love Harry, he’s not exactly known for his ability to see grey areas. In his mind everything is black or white, good or evil.

Just think about Draco’s life without letting Harry’s opinion seep through. If you would tell the books from Draco’s point of view, you’d get a bookseries about a boy being brainwashed into believing his own superiority. A boy who idolizes his father, like any little boy would, but figures out that everything he believed might be wrong. That his father might not be such a good man after all. That the man he looked up to all his life is the reason his world is shattering around him.

So he’s conflicted. He tries to do the right thing (like pretending not to recognize Harry), but he doesn’t know how to without abandoning his family. That doesn’t make him the devil. That makes him achingly real. 

So however cheesy it may sound, I do think he is misunderstood. People see Harry’s opinion of Draco, not Draco himself, not Draco’s entire storyline and that, in my opinion, is a shame. I might be incredibly biased, being a shipper and all, but I think he’s a very complex and interesting character and it’s sad that people say he ‘was meant to be an antagonist’. I don’t think that, I think he was meant to show to Harry that the world isn’t black and white, that ‘the world isn’t divided into good people and Death Eaters.’ And it kind of makes me sad that not all readers got that.


my favorite thing i’ve ever realized about harry potter is that the gryffindor and slytherin tables are supposed to be on opposite ends of the great hall???

and therefore every time draco is making a scene at a meal (HEY POTTER HAVE YOU SEEN THE DAILY PROPHET??? HEY…


draco malfoy isnt a villain oh my god he’s just a cute gay pile of trash who is in love with harry potter and needs to be protected at all costs


”And this is Amortentia ,the most powerful love potion in the world. It’s rumored to smell differently to each person according to what attracts them. “